Areas of Expertise

Commercial Wood Framing

We have a passion for building strong, beautiful structures using wood. Our commitment to this specialization is the reason behind our success…but what are some specific benefits of partnering with Parmer Construction?

  • Insistence on a safe, productive worksite. We aren’t just experts in framing, we are experts in job site etiquette. By assigning a dedicated project manager to each job, we ensure that the framing process is never the bottleneck in your project.
  • Seamless collaboration. Our project managers and support staff are trained to integrate with the numerous scheduling and payables systems of our General Contractor clients.
  • Economic piece-of-mind for General Contractors. When you grow, we grow. As such, it is in our best interest to be as competitive as possible. We strive to be your go-to framing partner, so we constantly refine our bid process to make sure that you have the greatest competitive advantage possible.
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Interior Trim

Building strong, beautiful wooden structures makes our teams excellent interior trim specialists, too. Next time you’re in a DFW hotel, apartment complex, or other commercial building, take a look at the quality of interior trim. If it looks as beautiful as it is sturdy, we might just have worked there. Why specifically should you partner with us for your interior trim needs?

  • Our insistence on a safe, productive worksite. This stands repeating. Interior trim is no different to framing when safety and productivity is concerned. We believe that you won’t work with a DFW-contractor with a greater respect for safety and quality.
  • We work with your team, not against it. Experience is the best teacher for interacting with other contractors. We are very familiar with how our work influences electrical, plumbing, and other specialties. Our teams are trained on the needs of other contractors, and how to complete trim work with the minimum of disruption to those working around us.
  • Our Passion to make you competitive. Interior trim spend can take a financially-viable project, and cause it to lose money. We work alongside you to hit a perfect balance of the desired ‘look’ and economic objectives.
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Commercial and Residential Roofing

The one function of your home’s roof is to protect you and your family from the elements. Whether installing a new roof or repairing hail damage, Parmer Construction is uniquely qualified to handle it all. Why? because our skilled teams spend as much time working on supermarkets and other large commercial projects as we do homes. In short, we are experts in building extremely large, extremely strong wooden structures. This expertise carries over and allows us to install the longest lasting, highest quality home roofing systems available.

Benefits of our roof repair and installation services

  • DFW-based for the last 10 years, so we have an intimate knowledge of local insurance companies and building code. This translates to a quick, safe project completion.
  • Free no-pressure inspection of roof damage, and an honest assessment of your likely insurance coverage.
  • Preparation of all neccessary roofing diagrams and repair plans for your home insurance company. This includes meeting your insurance agency to review plans and estimates.
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